Alumni Stories

Danielle L.
"I will never forget running my first Vector interview. My palms were sweaty and I spend most of the morning pacing the office. When I finished the group interview, my district manager came into the room and asked the group how old they thought I was. People said 24, 25, and even 27. I then revealed my age: 18. To this day, I am impressed with the degree of responsibility Vector gave me through my early working career. Although, I ended my time with Vector/Cutco about three years ago, the people I have worked with are some of my closest friends and the skills I have learned are applicable in all and any fields. I just graduated college this May and will be working for Deloitte and Touche as a Technology Consultant. The skills I learned at Vector have helped get me to where I am and will continue to help me move forward in my career."

-Danielle L.
Sales representative Cornell University Graduate and Vector alum, Northeast Region
Vector Logo
"I joined Vector in 2014 when I was a junior in high school. When I got to the office I was immediately welcomed to a fabulous team. I was excited for the adventure that was more than just selling knives. I learned fast that the more phone calls the more opportunities I would have to let other people become part of the Cutco family. Within 3 months I felt like I was a different person. I was more confident and spoke more to people. I sold a lot of knives and even more better gained better friendships with my customers. I enjoyed my time with the company and I would recommend this company to anyone. I will try to return back to this company real soon. You just have to be committed and love what you do."

Kris Lenhardt, Eastern Region
Vector Marketing Alumni