Rep Stories

Sophie Hovis
"My family has owned Cutco for over 20 years so I've always grown up not knowing anything else. I originally heard of this job when one of my friends was recommended. I was at her house when she received a call from the office so when I was presented this job opportunity, I was probably less skeptical than most because I knew the true quality and value of Cutco. After 5 weeks at this job, I have hit multiple promotions, but most importantly, I have gained new and improved phoning skills, made incredible new friends, and began stacking my resume with unrivaled experience and skills."

Sophie Hovis, Midwest Region
Delphina Kejo
"I am a High school student in grade 12, moved from Tanzania, Africa to Victoria BC, Canada about three years ago. I have been a sales rep. for about 2 months now, Most friends and family were very surprised at me doing a job that involves speaking.......most of all to people...because I hardly speak during social gatherings.My fast start was not so good, sales wise....but it did shape me communication wise, it showed me that talking to someone or making a call to them is not a crime. And the worst that could happen is really....nothing. To this day I am very comfortable selling and representing CUTCO to all my customers and am looking forward to selling more knives! and that is my Vector Story!"

Delphina Kejo, Vector Canada
Tiffany Cycon
"I orginally was a receptionist for vector for two summers, until one day I decided to try selling, best choice I ever made. Vector has allowed me to pay off my first semester tuition in three weeks and gain expereince for future jobs and internships. I'm a business marketing major and I know I will be a stand out candidate when I go for my future career. I also have made long life friends with my vector family, and it's nice being around such a supportive young work environment. Vector has taught me that if I really want to reach my goals, I have to strive and work really hard. The best part is that the "working hard" part is still fun!"

Tiffany Cycon, Midwest Region
Christopher Durham
"I did not work for 15 years due to disability.. When I turned back to the workforce Vector gave me a chance when no one else would. In return, since November 2013 I have sold 80k plus CPO of Cutco. Strictly in virtual demos. I plan on retiring here. I have done well enough to raise eyebrows. And I enjoy the reactions I get. Vector has allowed me to do things I would not have been able to do otherwise, the most noteworthy to date is spending time with family because my father is dying of a terminal illness. So I have found my place in the world."

Christopher Durham, Midwest Region